New Leadership at ACC

Any organization, including a church, typically rises or falls according the quality of its leadership.

ACC is blessed to have elders who are truly godly men – they love God, they love people and they faithfully love and serve our church.

In a few weeks we anticipate recognizing a new elder – Mark Birmingham. Mark has been attending elders meeting for the past 6-7 months. He has rigorously interacted with our leadership team, carefully read three books and other materials to more fully understand our church culture, values and procedures. We have watched and listened to him carefully. We have prayed with him and for him. He too has been prayerfully considering this calling along with his wife Jess. On Thursday, June 7th our elder team unanimously affirmed him as an elder. We are very excited about him joining our team!

Here are a few brief biographical factoids about him:

  • Born in  Texarkana, Texas, and raised in Kansas; the oldest of 2 sons.
  • Works at North Shore Podiatry. He is a podiatrist specializing in the medical and surgical care of the foot and ankle.
  • Married to Jessica since July 21st, 2001. Four children: Bailey (10), Ruby (7), Brec (4), and Brody (20 months).
  • Crossed the line of faith when he was 18 years old. It took an additional 10-15 years of His grace to allow him to make mistakes and grow closer to Him.
  • Has been attending ACC since July of 2009. He has served on the Operations Task Force and  been involved in Fuel – ACC’s men’s ministry.
  • Direct quote to: Why do you want to be an elder? “I love ACC, the people that make up its body and its mission to share Christ with others. I feel that becoming an elder would allow me to contribute more to all three!”
  • Favorite leisure activities: reading, running, and drinking coffee (typically not all at the same time).
  • Weird, interesting personal trivia: 1) The Birmingham family was one of five families that settled Baltimore, Maryland – yet he has never been there. 2) He actually does NOT like feet.
Please pray for Mark and his family as he takes on this new leadership role at ACC. We anticipate God using him in some significant ways!

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  1. Melissa Reddin

    ACC is blessed with such wonderful Godly men that are amazing leaders. We are blessed!

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