@Home Mission Trip

Last week, we did a local mission trip with some of our high school students. Each day we met at the church, spent time together in God’s Word, did some work projects around the church, and then spent the afternoon helping out at a local day camp for poverty kids. It was an awesome week! I was so impressed with how hard our students worked. Many of them were challenged physically and emotionally by the experience, yet they stuck with it and stepped up to the plate each day. One student was so frustrated at the end of the day on Wednesday that he contemplated not coming back Thursday and Friday. I was so happy to see him Thursday morning with a smile on a his face and a totally new attitude. The same student was in tears as he said goodbye to the kids on Friday. 2 other students rearranged their work schedules so that they wouldn’t have to miss as much of the week as they were originally scheduled to. As a reward for their hard work, we spent the weekend in the Wisconsin Dells. It was the perfect way to end the week. We had tons of fun at Noah’s Ark Waterpark and at Devil’s Lake State Park. Overall, the trip was a huge success.