Honduras 2012!

In about 2 1/2 weeks ACC will be sending a team of 23 people to Honduras August 1-8 for an intense time of ministry in the name of Christ! We will be helping to run a medical clinic, working at an orphanage, doing concrete work, and sharing the good news of Christ. We are excited, nervous, and hopeful – all at once! Please pray for us during these days we are gone.

We hope to bring many trunks of medical supplies with us. These supplies are essential to our mission. Would you help us? Bring in your own donations. Approach your own doctors or dentists office and ask for their support. Talk to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family. You could pick up their donations and bring them to the church for them!

Please consider helping the team by donating any of the following items. Please drop your items off in room 110 by July 29.
 Children’s Chewable (not gummy) Vitamins
 Adult Multivitamins
 Tylenol (Extra Strength – 500 mg, children’s drops)
 Loratadine (Claritin – 10mg)
 Antacid Tablets (Tums, Maalox)
 Zantac or Pepcid
 Naproxen (Alleve)
 Lice Shampoo
 No Tangle Spray
 Adult Shampoo (NO baby shampoo)
 Hair Conditioner
 Hair Gel (the boys love to have their hair spiked)
 Wide tooth combs
 Girl’s Hair Accessories (Headbands, Pony Tail Holders, Barrettes)
 Hand Mirrors
 Financial donations will be used for optical supplies or treatment and for the purchase of
prescription medications. Please make checks payable to Arlington Countryside Church and write “Honduras” on the memo line of the check.
Please contact Ann Dobrowski with questions or concerns

Thanks so much for your generosity!