5 Random Thoughts on a Friday

1 – I’m pumped for the Olympics! Looking forward to the opening ceremony tonight.

2 – Our Honduras Mission Trip is just around the corner. Would you help us fill some suitcases of medical supplies? You can read more about it here. This Sunday, 7/29 is the last day to donate.

3 – I’ve recently been reading the book Prayer Coach by James Nicodem. I highly recommend it. Lots of great, very practical, suggestions to kick start your prayer life.

4 – We’re taking students to the Michigan Sand Dunes today (Warren Dunes State Park). It’s a great day trip. Lots of fun playing/hiking on the dunes, hanging out at the beach, and there’s a pretty sweet clay pit you can mess around in as well.

5 – I LOVE Chick-fil-a. There’s a lot of rumor/slander floating around about the company. The bottom line, they are a Christian company and they happen to oppose gay-marriage. I imagine there are a lot of business owners (Christian or not) that oppose gay-marriage. Should we boycott them? Should they be banned from obtaining business license?