S.O.S. Service Over Self

S.O.S.  When I was in high school, the student service organization was S.O.S. – Service Over Self. As students, we went out into the community as well as participated in in-school projects in order to help those around us who were in need.  It was fun, and a great learning experience.  As Children’s Ministry gears up for our new school season, our focus is naturally turning to staffing our classrooms with volunteers.  I initially got involved years ago with children’s ministry because I had a teaching degree and no teaching job.  I figured why not hone some skills on Sunday morning?  Then, when I became a mom and was bringing my girls to church, I chose to get involved in their classrooms.


Although stepping into the classroom could be intimidating at first, I really loved it!  It can be scary thinking… “Oh boy, I need to not only teach these kids about Christ, but I need to keep them interested and engaged!  What have I gotten myself into?”  But I quickly found that one of my greatest joys of being in the classroom is simply building relationships.  I love hearing about the kids’ weeks, their interests, their challenges.  The teaching comes naturally after that, and it is truly joyful to me knowing these children.


Part of ACC’s Vision is our strategy of “worship plus two.”  What does this mean?  This means that as an attendee of ACC, it is our goal to 1) Have you worship with us as a body of Christ.  Come to services on Sunday mornings and rejoice and praise God with fellow believers and seekers; 2) Join a growth ministry.  Worship is a wonderful way to express our thankfulness to our Lord and Savior, but we don’t want to become stagnant in our belief.  Living a Christ-focused life is a process that lasts throughout our lifetimes.  We all go through good times and bad and need our brothers and sisters in Christ to help us on our journey.  Join a growth group, women’s Bible study (Coffee Hour), men’s study (FUEL); and 3) Find somewhere to serve.  Pray about your strengths and use them to serve within ACC.  Are you musical?  Think about joining the worship team.  Do you enjoy meeting new people?  Join the welcome team on Sunday mornings.  Are your strengths technical?  Working sound on Sunday morning may be a perfect fit.  Love children and seeing them grow and develop in their knowledge and belief of the Lord?  Get involved in children’s ministry.


Of course, I am going to focus on this last point.  We are in need of dedicated people to serve within our Sunday morning children’s programs.    As I noted above, I absolutely love getting to know these wonderful kids.  I love the quiet ones and the loud ones; the active and the calm.  I love the smiles I see every Sunday.  I love my current volunteers and their capacity to love and their passion to teach.


If you aren’t serving at ACC, prayerfully consider joining our children’s ministry team.  If children’s ministry is not your “thing”, get involved somewhere.  You won’t be sorry!


Blessings to you and your family,