Letterman Ain’t Got Nothing On Me!

Top 10 Reasons You Should Volunteer in the Sunday Morning Children’s Ministry at ACC:

10. Kris Milashus will be happy.

9. Kids are fun! They’ll have a rejuvenating effect on your spirit!

8. No adult stands taller than when they stoop to help a child. (I stole that from somewhere…)

7. You volunteer one hour – attend our worship service the other hour – a perfect use of your Sunday morning!!

6. Kids need a hero – you could be it!

5. It’s a joy to share God’s love with little ankle-biters!

4. All volunteers get three free counseling sessions with Chris Modrzejewski.

3. You will be fulfilling a strategic role in the mission / vision of ACC – to reach young families for Christ.

2. When you walk by people in the church lobby, they will think: “There goes that super groovy children’s ministry volunteer!”

…and the #1 reason you should volunteer in the Sunday morning children’s ministry at ACC…

1. You’ll receive an awesome ACC lanyard with a laminated name tag on it!

If you already volunteer – thanks a million! You rock!

If you don’t yet volunteer – please prayerfully consider it!
To volunteer or ask any questions email our Children’s Ministry director Kris Milashus: kris@acchurch.org


One thought on “Letterman Ain’t Got Nothing On Me!

  1. Kris

    Love it! All so true. Does Chris know about # 4. Seriously, I can be tired and having a blah Sunday, but when those kids start coming down the hall, and I know their names, and I chit chat with them there is nothing better! Totally rejuvenating and totally worth it!

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