Us versus Them

Band of Brothers (our men’s small groups) are currently reading Who Is This Man? by John Ortberg. It’s a great book that looks at the far reaching impact Jesus had (and continues to have) on our world. In a chapter titled, “Help Your Friends, Punish Your Enemies,” Ortberg writes that in a world that was set on getting even with enemies, Jesus offers a different way. The way of forgiveness and Love. The follow quotes stuck out to me:

Love of enemies is perhaps Jesus’ teaching that is most famous and most violated.

We human beings are side-takers. we all tend to divide the human race into us versus them. This happens for religious reasons but can also happen because of ethnicity, culture, and language.

p.  92-93

Ortberg goes on to describe some ways this plays out and then writes:

Jesus treats people on the other side as if they are people on our side. He doesn’t just love us. He seems to love Samaritans (them).

p. 95

That’s convicting! Jesus calls us to rise above the “us versus them” mentality and to love people on both sides. A very important reminder in what has been a very ugly season of political campaigns. Discuss, disagree, and debate, but don’t lose sight of the fact that we have a responsibility to treat the other side with love!