Counting My Blessings

  1. A God who loves me in spite of my sin.
  2. The gift of salvation found through faith in the person and work of Jesus Christ.
  3. My wife Karen who has stood beside through thick or thin – for over 31 years now.
  4. My four children who have enriched my life far beyond what they could possibly realize.
  5. My grandson who brings me immeasurable joy.
  6. My mom – the incredible support and great example that she (and my dad) has been to me.
  7. ACC – such a privilege to pastor these loving, generous, down to earth people.
  8. The elders of ACC – incredibly caring, godly men who lead with integrity and humble dependence on God.
  9. The staff of ACC – valued co-workers who sincerely desire to be used by God and work hard week after week. So fun to be on the same team!
  10. The Bible – the hope, instruction and encouragement it has given me over the years. It is reliable and true!
  11. My dogs Stanley and Roger. They are poorly trained heathens but I love them! (I’d just rather not pick up their poop.)
  12. Hot showers.
  13. My gym – I love the stress relief of a good workout.
  14. The Appalachian Trail.
  15. A warm, comfortable bed.
  16. Coffee.
  17. Justin Bieber (just kidding)
  18. Ditka.
  19. Bacon.
  20. A gazillion other things…


What are you thankful for?

I hope you’ll take time this week to count your blessings!