New Years Resolutions

New Years is upon us. Many people use this time to make New Year’s Resolutions…..lose weight, exercise, quit smoking, drink less, eat less (or more) bacon…..I myself have never been big on that – I always figured if you want to make a change in your life, any time is just as good as any other. But, I don’t discount anyone who makes resolutions. If it takes a specific date, then go for it!
On Christmas Eve, if you were able to attend services at ACC, you would have received a little mirror as a keepsake when you left for the evening. This mirror was to be used as a reminder that Jesus wants YOU! I want to suggest that we use the start of this New Year to give ourselves to Jesus, or to renew our commitment to Him. So, that’s easier said than done, right? What does giving yourself to Jesus look like?
ACC’s strategy is “Worship Plus Two” – worship + grow + serve. So what does this mean and how can this strategy be used to grow your relationship and commitment to Jesus?
• Come worship with us on Sunday! If you are wishy-washy about your attendance on Sunday morning, make a commitment to be here. There is a joy and energy that comes from surrounding yourself with other believers to honor and worship our wonderful Savior
• Get baptized. If you have committed your life to following Jesus and crossed the line of faith, why not take the opportunity in 2013 to be baptized. We have baptisms approaching in March, so please prayerfully consider entrusting your life to Christ through the outward sign of baptism.
• Make a concerted effort to grow spiritually. This may involve joining a Growth Group (starting up next week!), or getting involved with Coffee Hour, MOPS, or FUEL.
• If you’ve been on the fence about getting involved here at ACC, take the plunge! There are so many wonderful ministries that could use your special talents! If you are looking for a place to serve, please contact anyone on staff and we’d love to get you plugged in!

Outside of ACC, there are so many other ways in which you can dedicate or re-dedicate your life to Jesus:
• Volunteer in your community. There are several ways you can help….homeless ministries, such as PADS, Feed My Starving Children, Meals on Wheels (which ACC provides drivers for during the month of February). Or just help a neighbor or friend in need – you never know what a seemingly insignificant gesture may mean to the recipient.
• Commit to a Bible reading program. There are several wonderful reading programs to fit any schedule online at Or pick up your monthly copy of “Today in the Word” at the Welcome Center, and commit to reading daily.
• PRAY! Give your worry, your stress, your anger, your resentments, your hurt, your pain to God! God is so much bigger than any hardship that we experience in this life. Don’t just pray when you are desperate – pray to thank Him for His provision in your life each and every day. God will always answer you. When you give everything to God, you will be amazed by what He can do in your life.
Whatever change you wish to make in your life, now is as good a time as any! I wish each of you a blessed New Year, filled with joy, peace, health, and happiness.