Resolution Let Down

Good intentions aren’t enough. It’s a reality we see play out over and over again when it comes to New Year’s Resolutions. Many of us make commitments with the best of intentions, but find ourselves falling short in achieving our goal.

In the past few years I’ve gotten very serious about fitness – distance running and long distance triathlon. I’d tried many times to lose weight and get in shape over the course of my life. While I experienced some short term success, long term, sustainable change seemed to allude me. As I’ve reflected on what was different this time, I’ve noticed a few things.

  • My motivation was different. In the past, it was to look good or impress someone else. This time, it was the birth of my daughter (my first child) that sparked the desire to change. I realized that the direction I was headed was unhealthy and that I was not going to be able to be physically active with her as she grew.
  • I had a plan. I got a specific workout plan and signed up for a running race. Each day I knew what my work out was supposed to be and I had a very real goal to be working toward.
  • I had support. I wasn’t doing it alone. I had some great friends who committed to training with me. We ran together often. We talked about how the training was going, and we encouraged one another.

Each of these things played a significant role in me accomplishing my goal. Likely there are some changes you’d like to make in 2013.  I encourage you to consider how you can boost your success rate by considering your motivation, laying out a detailed plan, and finding a good support network.