Why did so many people believe & follow Moses when he presented the 10 commandments but so many had a hard time believing Jesus as the Messiah/Son of God ?

An interesting question; I’m not sure there is a definitive answer but let me share a few thoughts:

  • Moses had a history leading these people – they had seen him face off with Pharaoh and triumphantly lead them out of bondage in Egypt. He was unequivocally recognized as their leader. Jesus, on the other hand, emerged out of obscurity with no prior history with the masses. In a sense – he had more to prove in order to be trusted and followed.
  • Many rejected Jesus because he didn’t fit their expectations of the coming Messiah. They were looking more for a political / military leader – someone who would deliver them from the oppressive Roman occupation. However Jesus instead spoke of the kingdom being within them and rendering to Caesars what is Caesar’s. Not the stuff they wanted to hear!
  • Lastly, the Israelites really didn’t believe or follow Moses very well either! They were constantly challenging his leadership, grumbling and rebelling. A case could pretty easily be made that the Israelites were as stubborn for Moses as they were for Christ.



What is the biblical view of women in ministry/serving in the church?  Do we believe in women as elders?

Let me give a very concise and simple answer to a controversial and complex subject.

Firstly, while this has certainly become a hot button issue within the church, we do not believe this is a core doctrinal issue and we encourage civility and grace with those whom we disagree.

With that said we believe men and women are equal in the eyes of God and together are co-heirs with Jesus Christ. However we have a conviction from Scripture that while equal – males and females have different God-given roles.  Different roles do not speak of inferiority or inequality – but simply different functions / roles. We believe there are a number of compelling reasons to conclude that Christ has entrusted the leading of the local church to men only.

To learn more of what we believe to be biblically true – read this:

We recognize women with leadership gifts. Many women hold strategic positions at ACC and the work of faithful women within our church is absolutely amazing. Freedom is found to function as God has designed; the only opportunity not available to women is that of being an elder. (This has been the position of the church down through the centuries and I tend to believe the maxim: If you’re arguing with 2,000 years of church history – you’re probably wrong.)

Another great website for further reading on this topic is: