Being the Body of Christ

Yesterday I had a pretty cool opportunity.


It began to develop about a week earlier. I was contacted by a young couple in our church who are dealing with some troubling health problems. While many people are already praying for them, they specifically requested for the elders to meet with them – in order to lay hands upon them and anoint them with oil.


I loved that kind of initiative! And the request was very biblical:


“Is anyone of you sick? He should call the elders of the church to pray over him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.” James 5:14


About 15 minutes after the 2nd service yesterday, a small group of us gathered in the front of the auditorium and fulfilled the teaching of James 5:14. We prayed for a miracle. We prayed for strength and grace, if a miracle is not God’s will. We requested wisdom and skill for the doctors. We did this while laying on hands and anointing with oil.


It felt so right. We were functioning as the body of Christ is designed. Lifting each other up. Strengthening each other. Looking to God for his generous provision. Praying to God as a first option, not a last resort. It was pretty cool! It was a good reminder to me of why the church is, indeed, so awesome!




One thought on “Being the Body of Christ

  1. Mark B.

    What an awesome entry. How cool is it that there are those that honor the ‘antiquated’ traditions of such an ‘old’ text?! I was so encouraged by this event. My faith was strengthened; at the same time, I was convicted to ‘live out’ what God’s Word asks us to do in specific situations. Only a few years ago, I would have raised an eyebrow to any ‘anointing’, especially with oil. By God’s Grace, I can see and tangibly feel how beautiful this symbolic act of obedience is. Blessed I am.

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