Upward 2013

Yesterday was not only St. Patrick’s Day, it was the celebration of our 2013 Upward Basketball and Cheerleading Season! And what a successful season it was!

By the numbers…

• 124 Kids participated this season
• 36 Coaches
• 12 Referees
• 8 Game Day Managers
• 9 Half-Time Devotion Speakers
• 4 Game Day Cleaner-Uppers
• 15 Award Celebration Ushers and Greeters

Just about all 457 seats in the Wheeling High School Theater were filled at the Awards Celebration! Our players and their families enjoyed entertainment by Jesse the Juggler, players received their year-end award and participated in the raffle, and we all enjoyed the 2013 Upward Highlight Video.

Most encouraging, however, was that 4 players asked Jesus into their life for the first time at the celebration. An amazing 102 children know for sure that they have a relationship with Christ. For those of you who have been around and participated in Upward for a while, know that Upward is not just about sports. The most amazing thing about the Upward program is how devotions are a big part of each practice and game day, and children are taught about Jesus and His love for them. I am so thankful for this amazing sports ministry, and how it not only reaches players, but touches families and changes lives.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who participated in making this season a success: our Upward Directors, coaches, referees, concession workers, half-time speakers, game day managers, ushers/greeters, game day clean-up crews and “behind the scenes” administrators. Upward is truly a team effort, and I am blessed to work and serve with such a fantastic group of people.