The Power of Scripture

I’ve always been fascinated by the seven sayings of Christ on the cross. Words spoken in a time of unfathomable suffering. Yet, they’re not angry; they’re not retaliatory. They give us a powerful glimpse into what was going on in the heart and mind of our Savior as he carried the weight of our sin. I recently read the following paragraph in Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, edited by Nancy Guthrie.

Four of the seven last words were from the Old Testament. Only Jesus’ direct address to God on behalf of the soldiers, to the dying thief  and to his mother and the beloved disciple were not. This means that Jesus was filling his mind and strengthening his spirit not by trying to keep a stiff upper lip or look for a silver lining, as we might say, but by an act of deliberately remembering and consciously clinging to the great prophecies and promises of God. If Jesus did that, don’t you think you should do it too?

p. 100, Excerpted  from The Heart of the Cross by James Montgomery Boice and Philip Graham Ryken.

Did you catch that? Jesus was drawing strength by remembering and clinging to scripture! God’s word is powerful! (II Timothy 3:15-17). I hope that you’re making it a priority to get in the word on your own.