Now that construction has begun…

After many months of planning, prayer, and working through the permit process we are so excited that construction begins this week!

As we move forward with GROWING TOGETHER, I’d like to share a few thoughts:


  • We need to never lose sight of why we’re doing this. God has called us to make room for more people! There are many people in our immediate area that have not yet heard and responded to the good news of Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that we will be able to reach out to them and bring them into our church family. With that vision – we need to make sure we have plenty of room.


  • A significant factor in our making budget on this project is our reliance upon volunteer labor. We need you to invest with your sweat, muscles, and skills. If you have not already done so, please stop by the office or the Welcome Center and fill out an ACC Volunteer Survey.


  • As of May 12, 2013 we have received $514,197.06 in donations toward this project. That represents 58.7% of the total that has been pledged. Thanks so much for your generosity and faithfulness. Please continue to give generously – together we can do this!


  • When will this project be completed? Though many different variables could alter the completion date, we’ve been told that though it won’t be ready for Christmas, it should be ready for Easter!


  • We truly need God’s blessing and provision. So pray. Pray a lot. Here are a few suggestions:
    • Pray for wisdom for Church Building Consultants and our Building Vision Team as they oversee the project.
    • Pray for the many subcontractors and laborers that will be on our site. We hope our church can be an active and effective witness to each worker. Pray for safety on the job site.
    • Pray for Jim Young, on staff at ACC as our Director of Operations. Jim will be the primary contact person between Church Building Consultants and our church. This is a tremendous amount of responsibility. Pray Jim receives wisdom and stamina as he will be heavily involved in this project, along with his many other responsibilities at the church.


This is truly an exciting time to be a part of ACC. Let’s enjoy the ride together!