Today I was reminded of an important life principle: the only person responsible for my spiritual health is me!


I cannot blame my church – my job – my spouse – my kids. I alone am responsible for my walk with God. Unfortunately it is a pattern that I’ve observed many times in my life: When I get careless and lackadaisical in practicing spiritual disciplines (Bible reading, prayer, solitude, etc.)  my spiritual growth quickly comes to a grinding halt. Symptoms include: irritability, selfishness, impatience, pride, laziness, etc.


On the other hand, when I am prioritizing the spiritual disciplines, hitting on all 8 cylinders spiritually I miraculously see: a genuine love and patience with others, inner strength to face critics and trials, peace in the midst of adversity, words of wisdom to encourage others (that seemingly come out of nowhere!), and a deep satisfaction that I am in a good place, etc.


How have you been doing in your walk with Christ? Are you giving your spiritual life the attention it deserves? Our decisions will always determine how our life plays out. Don’t make the mistake of blaming anything or anyone else if you are not the Christian you know you should be.


The only person we can legitimately blame stares at us in the mirror.



2 thoughts on “BLAME YOURSELF

  1. Matt Pesola

    SPOT ON Dave .I suffer from the same symptoms when I loose focus from What should be priority # 1 GOD.I have resently learned that I can not change anyone but myself,which has helped me with all my relationships especially my ADULT children.

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