What has 139 meant to you??

As we wrap up the last few days of our 139 Challenge (to read Psalm 139 once a day, every day in the month of July) I was wondering how God spoke to you through this passage of Scripture. So, what did you get out of it? What is your favorite verse? Why?


I love this Psalm. I have for many, many years. If I had to choose a favorite verse, I think I would probably need to go with verse 7:


“I can never escape from your spirit! I can never get away from your presence!”


These words give me the courage to take risks of faith. To share the gospel with someone who intimidates me. To have a difficult conversation with someone who may not be pleased with what I have to say. To get on an airplane even though I hate to fly. To accept a speaking opportunity even though it puts me way out of my comfort zone. To forgive someone even though I don’t feel like it. To extend a hand of friendship to someone who I fear will suck me dry emotionally.


In all of these situations I am confident God is with me. In fact, I cannot think of a situation where he would not be with me. That means that in all times and in every situation I have access to his strength, wisdom, courage, discernment, peace, and love.


Therefore I can go anywhere and do anything as he leads me! The same is true for you…