Finding Your Obligation

Volunteer Poster

I love this poster. It is so true. Nowadays, families are so busy, including mine! It seems that I am always taking one kid to some activity or another. I must admit, and I think others could admit the same….we do this to ourselves. Is it really necessary that my child be involved in two sports? Does she really need to go to a movement class? Sometimes, maybe the answer is yes. If you are like me, you want your child to be well-rounded, active and to engage in things that they enjoy, hoping that eventually they may find their “niche” and some of the other activities will fall off.

What about us as adults? How much do we over-schedule ourselves? And how much is busy work vs. being truly important?  One of the verses Dave mentioned during his message really resonated with me – Romans 1:14, where Paul spoke of having a sense of obligation.  More and more, as the kids get older and have more opportunities to become a “part” of something, I find myself wondering how I can stay connected with them and take an active role in their interests, yet finding the time to do it (and not cramping their style, of course).  I’ll be the first to admit – I don’t have the time.  But that is why I love this poster…..I do often find that I have the heart.  It’s hard saying no sometimes, and sometimes we need to – we need to prioritize what is really important.  For me, it is my kids and being fully engaged in their activities, whether that means volunteering to lead a program, being a room mom, or simply just attending games or concerts on a regular basis.

What do you have a heart for?  Maybe it isn’t children; or maybe you are more of a sideline sort of person, which is OK.  Maybe your heart is for the homeless, or working with teens, or leading adult ministries, or youth sports.  Whatever it is…search for it….find it.

With Fall ministries starting up here at ACC, there are so many opportunities to become involved:

  • Join Women’s Coffee Hour
  • Help with teen ministries through Oasis or Pit Stop
  • Attend the Steak-N-Taters dinner and find out what FUEL men’s ministry is all about
  • Volunteer with Awana and work with K-6th graders in learning about God
  • Assist with children’s or youth ministries on Sunday mornings
  • Dust off that instrument and join the Worship Team
  • Lead a small group when they start up in October
  • Become a coach or referee with Upward Basketball and Cheerleading

Become engaged!  Connect with others who share your passion!  You have an obligation, and it won’t be one that you’ll regret…I promise!