Mirror or Binoculars?

You may have heard that our leadership team is currently reading through the book Accidental Pharisees by Larry Osbourne. Click here for a book review from guest blogger Allison Bies. The following passage caught my attention this week.

The Bible is supposed to be used like a mirror. It’s meant to show us who God is, what he wants, and how we measure up. When I gaze intently into it and make the changes it calls for, it produces righteousness and blessing…(but) It’s always tempting to use the Bible as binoculars. It’s kind of cool to see everyone else’s faults in granular detail. It’s far less threatening than having to deal with some of the ugly things I might see in the mirror. p 57-58

What a powerful analogy! How easy it is to see the faults in other people and ignore or explain away what we see in ourselves. It’s much more comfortable to tell other people to change than to take responsibility for our own issues. The Bible is meant to be more like a mirror than a set of binoculars. Osbourne points out that using the Bible as binoculars breeds pride and moves us along the path to becoming a modern day Pharisee.

I want to encourage you to join us in reading Accidental Pharisees (we have some for sale at the welcome center). I believe you’ll be blessed by the experience.