Things On My Desk (Part 3)

candle on desk


For years I’ve always had some sort of candle on my desk. I typically light it when I am reading my Bible, praying, or preparing a sermon. Occasionally even during a counseling appointment.

I do it as a visual reminder. Fire is a symbol of the Holy Spirit in the Bible – as I pray or study I want the Holy Spirit to illuminate the Scriptures for me, to guide me into truth, to be my teacher. I want my prayers to be empowered by him; I want my listening and my speaking to be filled with his gentleness and wisdom.

I am not going to lie – a nice pumpkin spice candle also makes my office smell better! But trust me, that’s not the primary reason it is burning. I am inviting the Holy Spirit to do his work in my office, on my desk, in my heart.