Good News

Good news from far away is like cold water to the thirsty.

Proverbs 25:25

We all love hearing good news. I wanted to share with you some good news from our youth ministry. Both of our youth groups (pit stop middle school ministry & oasis high school ministry) are off to a great start this year. This past Tuesday was an especially exciting night of Oasis. It was our first of several Bring a Friend outreach nights. We’ve strategically placed these nights throughout the school year in order to continually keep the idea of outreach in front of our students. Over the past month, we’ve been casting a vision of how God wants to use us to reach our friends and family who have yet to cross the line of faith. Tuesday night, our students respond to that call big time! We nearly doubled our normal youth group attendance and had the opportunity to meet many new students and connect with students we hadn’t seen in a long time. The energy was through the rough as students laughed, played games, and developed new friendships. Our adult ministry team was awesome! They were actively engaged with our students and did a great job facilitating their small groups. We closed the night with short testimonies from 2 of our high school students encouraging our visitors to come back. Please join us in praying that the students who visited this week would make the jump from visitor to regular attender and that their heart would be open to the Gospel.