Things On My Desk (Part 4)

pencil holder


This has sat on my desk for about 25 years now; a little pencil holder, made out of a can and covered with vintage bible stickers, was made for me by my oldest daughter Becky in Sunday school class when she was in kindergarten.

If there was ever a fire in my office and I had only seconds to rescue a few of my possessions – this would be one of the first things I’d grab!

It reminds me of fun and exhausting days when Becky and her 3 siblings were all under foot in our house and our home was filled with noise, messes, and toys. Not so much anymore.

It reminds me of the commitment my wife Karen and I had to raise our children in the context of the Christian faith – their being actively involved in Sunday school and Awana and our seeking to pass on our faith in Christ to our kids. We really tried to prioritize that in our family’s schedule.

It reminds me to pray for my children. Though they are all adults now – they will always be my kids! I love them and, more than anything, want God’s best for them.

And I always know where to find my pens and pencils!