An Ever Morphing Relationship


matt myers


I love how some relationships change, yet endure. Let me tell you such a story.


I have known Matt for over 23 years.




When we first met he was in 4th grade and I was the new youth pastor at his church. Matt was a twin, and him and his brother Mark were known as hell raisers. (At least as much as a 4th grader can be a hell raiser!)




Fast-forward a few years… I remember as he was about to enter the junior high youth group; our adult ministry team began to strategize on how we were going to handle the “Myers boys”. We basically settled on 2 goals: to make sure they didn’t kill anyone, and to make sure we didn’t kill them.




Fast forward a few years… I remember him entering the high school ministry with a very large and rowdy freshman class – they took over the youth group immediately. Matt was loud, fun, unpredictable, and constantly hopped up on Mountain Dew. He was really, really good at bringing his friends to youth group. To my astonishment, he slowly developed into an excellent leader.




Fast forward a few years… I remember the privilege of officiating at Matt’s wedding – as he definitely married up, winning the heart of Jessica! It was fun serving with Matt and his wife as they very effectively served on our high school ministry team. Matt poured his life into the guys in his small group.




Fast-forward a few years… Matt and I served on a leadership team seeking to develop an alternative worship service at our church (Common Ground). Together we studied, planned, prayed, and worked hard to honor God in this new venture.




Fast-forward a few years… With great excitement I learned of Matt accepting a youth pastor position in a church in Kenosha. Not surprisingly, Matt kicked butt and took names! And he loved his job – he had most certainly found his niche.




Fast-forward a few years… Matt becomes senior pastor of that church in Kenosha. What???!!!! Not surprisingly, Matt is kicking butt and taking names.




Matt and I stay in touch regularly. We get together about once a month and spend half a day together – sharing a meal, talking ministry and family, and praying. He is my colleague and my friend. I learn a lot from him every time we get together and I never fail to be inspired by him.




It has been a very cool journey with Matt. Together we have been eyewitnesses to the faithfulness and grace of God. Amen.