Yesterday at the close of my sermon I shared 3 practical ways that we can be faithful messengers, just like the Angels. The task that they were assigned on the very first Christmas – to announce the good news, is now an assignment that has been given to us!

My 3 suggestions were:

If you send Christmas cards – think Jesus, not Santa or Rudolph. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of Santa and I think Rudolph is awesome. I don’t think you’re a bad Christian if you send out a Christmas card with an elf on it. I simple thought was just that if we, as followers of Christ, focus on the true meaning of Christmas it might help stem the tide of our society that is completely forgotten the true meaning. We can be a small voice of truth amidst the din of commercialism and secularism.


Give a booklet to someone. On Sunday we gave away a little advent devotional booklet titled The Story of God with us. It has brief Scripture readings for every day leading up to Christmas. If you weren’t here on Sunday stop by the church office this week to pick one up or stop by the Welcome Center this coming Sunday. Handing this booklet to a coworker, neighbor, or classmate might end up being a real eye-opener to them regarding the spiritual significance of Christmas.


Invite someone to church. When is the last time you invited someone to church? If you’re like most of us, it’s probably been a while. Why not extend a personal invitation to someone to join you at ACC? During this time of year people are more receptive than normal to the idea of attending church – especially one of our Christmas Eve services.


After the 2nd service on Sunday someone in the lobby approached me and offered an excellent idea – if I had thought of it – it would’ve been my 4th suggestion:


Leverage your Facebook or Twitter account. During this month of December on a regular basis, if not daily, post Scripture verses related to the birth of Christ or perhaps lyrics from some of the classic Christmas carols that focus on Him.


If each of us were to just take one or 2 of these action steps – it could end up making a difference in the life of someone we know and love.

What is your game plan for being a faithful messenger of the good news?