This past Sunday we focused on Matthew chapter 2 and we learned from the life of King Herod. To Herod, Emmanuel (God with us) was seen as a threat to eliminate. Herod was willing to do whatever it takes to not be dethroned; even the killing of all the baby boys in the Bethlehem area. He would not allow Jesus to be king – if he could possibly help it.


This same Messiah lays claim to the throne of our hearts today. Will we allow him to reign? Or will we try to maintain control?


I initially decided to give my life fully to Christ on a hot summer night at Bible camp. I remember the speaker handed out a piece of paper that was blank, except for a title at the top that read: “My contract with God”. We were challenged to sign our name at the bottom of the contract. The point being made was that when you give your life fully to Christ – you are handing him a blank contract. My life was not to be co-authored by God and me, but a solo authorship by God alone. Could I trust him this much? Did I believe he loved me enough to take care of me? Did I believe his way is the best way? Did I believe that his will is good, pleasing, and perfect?


With great sincerity and prayerfulness I signed that contract. I certainly did not fully understand what I was getting into! Since then I have followed Christ, be it ever so imperfectly.


Over the years I found my walk with Christ to be an ongoing cycle of giving him the throne, taking back the throne, giving him the throne, taking back the throne, etc. As I’ve matured spiritually perhaps this happens less often and for a shorter duration but it is still a dynamic in my life.


Do I have any regrets about turning my life over to Christ? NOT ONE!

Has it always been easy? NOT AT ALL!

Is it worth it? ABSOLUTELY!


Are you going the way of Herod and rejecting Christ’s rule in your life or have you given him the throne of your heart? I promise you – you can trust Him.