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Twice now (most recently yesterday) the people of ACC have been given the opportunity on a Sunday morning, after the worship services, to go down into the new construction space to write on the steel beams. They could jot down a prayer, a Scripture verse, a praise – pretty much whatever they wanted to write! Though their scribblings will soon be covered with drywall, the memory of helping dedicate the new space to the Lord and the intentions of the writer will carry on. It was a meaningful act for many people.


Some people simply wrote a list of names of loved ones that they are praying will someday cross the line of faith. By far the Scripture verse written out the most often was John 3:16. (Not too surprising – and very appropriate)


Let me give you a tiny sampling of some of the thoughts and prayers recorded on the steel beams:


“Please show yourself to my boys…”

“May you fill this place and people come to know you!”

“My grandkids – that they come to love Christ like we do.”

“God, use this place and all that are in it, for your works.”

“Lord, give us boldness to go out from this church to share your word with Arlington Heights and the world.”

“Release T**** S***** from his addiction and turn his heart toward you!”

“Bless everyone who walks through these doors to know you are God, and that you love them, and that they need to you.”

“May the Lord bless the nation of Colombia through this church.”

And though I’m not sure why, my favorite…

“Oh the doors you will open!”


I love the faith, I love the outward focus, I love the godly desires expressed.


May God answer these sincere prayers and many more, beyond our greatest expectations, in the coming years. Amen.





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