Do you have a game plan for reading your Bible?


I think the #1 reason people don’t read their Bible regularly is because they don’t have a plan. I know that is true for me. If I’ve a plan – I work the plan – and I am reading regularly and enjoying all the benefits of being in God’s word. When I am stupid enough to not have a plan – I flounder, become very inconsistent, and drift away from the most important habit I should have.


Beginning on January 1st I will be using an online program to read through the Bible in one year. Have you ever used an online Bible reading program? There is a wide variety to choose from, and they are awesome! (You can even have your daily reading emailed to your phone.) They are so incredibly helpful in providing the much-needed game plan.


Here a few possibilities that you should check out:








Get yourself a Bible reading game plan now – it makes all the difference! If you have a plan then please leave a comment and tell us about it!



6 thoughts on “I KNOW WHY YOU DON’T READ YOUR BIBLE (maybe…)

  1. Mark Jackson

    My plan is to read one chapter of the Bible per day. I do not always do this. I keep a journal of the last chapter I read so I know which chapter to read on the following day.

    As I get near the end of a book. I pray and listen for suggestions on what book to read next.

    I have tried other strategies and this one works best for me. I prefer small chunks of the Bible every day.

    1. dave Post author

      Mark – glad you have a plan! What book are you currently reading? I agree with you – generally it’s more beneficial to read small chunks. I pray you grow spiritually in 2014 as you read and obey His word!

  2. Dave G

    My plan is simple (maybe cuz I’m simple) I use the table of contents in my Bible as a check list. I simply put a check mark, dot or dash next to each book as I read then. Before long I’ve got marks next to all the books and I start over with a new mark.

    I also NEVER start with Genesis. I usually start with Samuel. I Samuel – II Kings reads like a novel – it’s hard to put down – it helps to get the ball rolling.

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