Well folks, it’s crunch time for our Growing Together building project.


We need volunteers. Lots of volunteers. In order to remain on budget and to remain on schedule we need a steady flow of volunteer labor for the next few months.


Men. Women. Skilled. Unskilled. Old. Young. Republicans. Democrats. Bears fans. Packers fans. We need everybody.


You probably invested some of your money toward this project. Now it’s time to invest your time and energy!


We will be having a workday this coming Saturday, January 25 from 8 AM – 3 PM. Join us whether you can come the whole time are only a portion of the day. Lunch will be provided. If you have not previously signed up, please do so by emailing Jim Young at


Moving forward, we anticipate every Saturday being a workday from 8AM-3PM until we move into our new space. If you can’t make it this Saturday, we hope you’ll be sure to join us in other, upcoming Saturdays. We are also praying that some of you will be led to devote some vacation days, perhaps even an entire week, to devote to working on the building. If you are unavailable on Saturdays we can likely accommodate you some weekday evenings – contact Jim young.


Volunteering in this way will give you a sense of fulfillment and a special bond with those you are working shoulder to shoulder with. Please join us – you’ll have no regrets!


Together we can do this!