The Best News You’ll Ever Hear…

I kind of doubt you can adequately sum up the book of Romans with one verse, but if I were to try – this might be it:

“So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” – Romans 8:1


I cannot think of better news! Though I was in rebellion against God, he loved me when I was unlovable. Though my offenses against him were worthy of death, God provided pardon through the sacrificial death of his son.


I am so thankful that I belong to Christ Jesus! I did not choose him – he chose me! And because of his grace and mercy I have a confidence that my sins are forgiven, I have been made a new creation, I have the Holy Spirit living within me, and I am heaven bound!

This coming Sunday, February 2 we continue our teaching series in the book of Romans – diving into chapter 8. Take time to read it this week, especially the first 17 verses. You will be encouraged and blessed by what you read.