What made Easter at ACC so awesome???

ACC peeps were fired up on Easter morning!


Not just because we were celebrating the resurrection of our Savior – not just because the auditorium was jam-packed for both services – not just because the worship team killed it in leading us in praise – not just because of the inspiring and dynamic faith story of Sabrina Massey – not even just because God blessed us with a beautiful, sunny and warm day…


People were fired up because at least one of their 5 was here with us at church. 5×5×5 had been our emphasis for the past 5 weeks leading up to Easter. We each identified 5 family, friends, neighbors, classmates or coworkers. Then we made the commitment to pray for these 5 people for 5 minutes each day for 5 weeks – we were praying that they would join us on Easter morning and that, in fact, they would cross the line of faith by the end of 2014. Our larger than average crowds testified to the fact that God had answered many prayers and that many of the people being prayed for did indeed show up! So many of our people were greatly encouraged as a result. (One out of my 5 was here and I am very grateful.)


Now that Easter is behind us, we must continue to pray for our 5, that God would work in their life, that they might cross the line of faith sometime this year. That will create the ultimate in excited!


How about you? Were any of your 5 here with us on Easter morning? Leave a comment – let us know.