Planting Seeds

Plant-the-seedIf you’ve ever planted a garden you know that feeling of satisfaction you get whenever the first seeds begin to sprout. After finding just the right spot in the earth to plant them and working so hard to nurture them to thrive… success! As they continue to grow you faithfully nurture them. Finally, after all of the consistent hard work you get to enjoy them in their fullest point of life. This is also something God has called us to do in our everyday lives; plant seeds. Recently, I’ve had the privilege of seeing this happen with someone.

I got hired for a new job and another person was hired the same day. We trained together and struggled to learn all that was required for the job. We quickly bonded and had a great working relationship. I had a few conversations with them regarding their faith. I left that job and we only continued to talk every once in a while via social media but nothing more… until one day.

I was contacted by them out of the blue seeing if we could possibly get together. I was thrilled! Of course I wanted to! After that encounter it was more than apparent to me that God was working within them. They came to church with me the following Sunday and, as Dave would say, “BOOM,” became a believer!

God used me to plant a seed within this person. It was God’s love working within them drawing them to Him. I had no idea that the conversations we were having 2 years before would have such an impact. They seemed to not be a big deal when they happened. And it has had me wondering how many other people I have engaged with in seed-planting conversations. How many other times have I been clueless to the divine appointment that was right in front of me?

Now, I must be sure you understand something. We are not promised to always see these seeds grow. More times than not, we go on with life oblivious of the growth. Sometimes God does allow us to see his ministry at work. And what a joy it is! My faith has been astronomically strengthened throughout this process. I’m more confident than ever that I have put my trust in THE God that really DOES love me.

Being in children’s ministry, I am joyfully serving knowing that there are seeds being planted. In Sunday School, Awana, Upward, Day Camp and every other ministry here at ACC, seeds are being planted. Seeds that we pray will grow and get to enjoy the complete fullness of life that only God offers.

Our Weird Animals Day Camp is July 7-11. If you are interested in being a part of planting seeds through this fun-filled week, email me and I will get you signed up! If you would like to register your child, go to

I pray you feel challenged now to be a seed-planter with everyone you encounter and that you seize the opportunity as God leads you. And remember that when you seize the opportunity, God’s word will accomplish everything He wants it to do through you.

It is the same with my word. I send it out, and it always produces fruit. It will accomplish all I want it to, and it will prosper everywhere I send it. Isaiah 55:11

Grace and Peace,