Spiritual ADD

Sometimes I think I must have spiritual ADD. I can tend to get distracted pretty easily.


I have experienced the sweetness that comes from following hard after God. The feeling of being centered.  An unswayable joy. An incomprehensible peace that strengthens  during difficult times.


And yet I wander. I neglect my time in the word and prayer – or at least do not give it the time that it is due. And end up living my days carrying the burdens of worry, fear, restlessness, and all the other assorted maladies that are the typical human experience.


Speaking of the ancient nation of Israel, the Psalm writer asserted:


“They traded their glorious God for a statue of a grass eating bull.” Psalm 106:20


That makes them sound pretty dumb, doesn’t it? And yet I make the same trade on a regular basis.

Father, please forgive me for losing focus. Forgive me for making bad trades. I should know better by now, but I’m still learning. Thank you for your grace and mercy and faithful love. Help me cling to you, our glorious God! Amen.




2 thoughts on “Spiritual ADD

  1. Mark Birmingham

    Great post!

    Knowing that you’re not alone in your suffering of wandering, also know that we pray along side you and are encouraged by your convictions, brother. Stand firm in the faith that is Jesus! He’s got your back!

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