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  1. I’m excited that our middle school students are gone all week at Camp in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. I know from my own experience growing up that a week of camp can be a very spiritually impacting time. Please join me in praying for our students – that their hearts will be open to God and whatever he wants to do in their lives. Pray also for their leaders Chris Modrzejewski , Allison Johnson and Megan Weaver.
  2. I’m excited that in less than 2 weeks I leave with my wife Karen to visit Tim and Beth Wood in Mozambique. We look forward to spending time with them – seeing their ministry firsthand and and experiencing a small taste of their life. I have been given the great opportunity to speak at the Sofala  Bible Institute Chapel on Wednesday, July 16 and at their church on Sunday, July 20. Pray that God would use us to bring great encouragement to the Woods.
  3. I’m excited that we had such a dynamic and meaningful building dedication service this past Sunday. There was so much energy in the room as we celebrated all that God has done and all that he will do in the future.
  4. I’m excited that we no longer have to put up with noise from the lobby during our worship service – that always bugged me a lot. Now it is a thing of the past!
  5. I’m excited that Jim young will be leaving on his well-deserved sabbatical beginning Monday, June 30. Please pray that Jim is refreshed during his time away. We are encouraging anyone who desires to come prepared this Sunday with a card/note/gift to hand directly to Jim as a token of your appreciation.
  6. I’m excited that we are sending a team to Honduras July 26 – August 2. Pray for Scott Williams and Jordan Kerr as they lead this team. We are currently in the process of collecting donations of medical supplies for the team to take with them. I’d encourage you to pick up a list of needed items at the Welcome Center and support this mission in that way.
  7. I’m excited about a new teaching series that we will begin in July. The series is titled BOOM – when God’s word blows you away! Various speakers, including myself, will be speaking from passages of Scripture that had a very distinct, personal impact on their life and want to share what they’ve learned with our congregation. These messages are sure to be passionate, practical, and powerful!
  8. I’m excited that this Sunday our missionaries John and Bonnie Nystrom will be speaking in both of our services. The story they will be telling is riveting and a true testimony to the power of the gospel. You will regret it if you miss this Sunday.
  9. I’m excited about the steady flow of visitors that God is bringing to us on Sunday mornings. I’m hoping that they will come back again and eventually become part of the ACC family. Let’s all make the effort to welcome them and help them feel at home.
  10. I’m excited that although many of our ministries are on summer hiatus, there’s a tremendous amount of prayerful planning going on behind the scenes so that we are ready to rock in the fall.


I love ACC. I am optimistic. I am faith – filled. I believe the best is yet to come!