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Woods & Karen


(Tim, Beth, Karen)

Theologians. Linguists. Mediators. Translators. Counselors. Teachers. Administrators. Spouses. Parents.


Generous. Hard-working. Frugal. Caring. Passionate. Humble. Insightful. Intelligent. Selfless. Respected.


After just returning with my wife Karen after spending 10 days in Mozambique with our missionaries Tim and Beth Wood – to say that I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for them and their ministry would be a gross understatement. Yes, they are human – imperfect just as you and I, but boy are they good at what they do. God is using them in some really cool ways to advance the gospel in the city of Beira and the surrounding region.


ACC sent out the Woods 19 years ago to do the work of God in Mozambique. Every last dollar and prayer of ours has been a worthy investment! Please take a minute right now to pray for the Wood family and their ministry.



God’s Word is Powerful

Hebrews 4:13 For the word of God is alive and powerful. It is sharper than the sharpest two-edged sword, cutting between soul and spirit, between joint and marrow. It exposes our innermost thoughts and desires.

Have you experienced the power of God’s Word? Has it ever cut straight to your heart? It’s so important for Christ-followers to regularly be in the Word. We often adopt beliefs and habits from the world around without even realizing it. Placing ourselves in contact with God’s Word can reveal the error in our thinking or behavior.

I’m excited to be the next teacher in our series BOOM – When God’s Word Blows You Away. Each week we’ve heard from a different teacher about how God’s Word has had an impact in their lives. I hope you’ll join us.





HS Mission Trip Recap


We recently took a group of our high school students on a week-long mission trip to South Dakota. We were gone from July 5-13. It was an awesome experience! We had the opportunity to serve on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, specifically in the town of Eagle Butte. During the week we learned about the culture of the Lakota (Sioux) people and the many challenges that face them on the reservation. It was our privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a place where there is such great physical and spiritual need.

Our work in the community consisted of caring for children, serving in a soup kitchen, and working in a community garden. Each day, we helped facilitate an afternoon program for children much like our Day Camp program here at ACC. The program gives children a safe and fun place to spend their time. They’re cared for in a Christ-centered environment and taught Bible stories. 2 days during the week, we served in a local soup kitchen (pictured below).IMG_1476We prepared, served, and cleaned up the meal. We had the wonderful opportunity to converse with the community members who attended. They were eager to share their stories with us and were so grateful for our service. Before serving, we were reminded that we’re blessing these people with a meal, but we’re also there to bless them with the love of Christ as we engage them in conversation…so many of them have been cast away and forgotten by society. Our final area of service was in a community garden that helps to feed the elderly (pictured below).IMG_1426This garden is a new endeavor, made possible by groups like ours serving this summer. They currently have a small section planted, but there is a lot of work to be done to prepare the soil for the garden. We spent 2 days pulling weeds (some as big as our students!) and tilling the soil. It was exhausting work.

I’m so proud of our students! They worked hard, sought after God, and represented our church well. Please join us in praying for ongoing ministry happening in Eagle Butte.



Day Camp!

Weird-Animals-BannerThe campers and volunteers at last week’s Weird Animals Day Camp had a blast! It was a week filled with solid biblical teaching and many fun activities. Throughout the week the campers learned that when they are left out, different, afraid, or even when they don’t understand or do wrong, Jesus loves them. They heard stories about real kids who have applied these principles to their lives and how God helped them. They also got to go on some fantastic field trips each day!

I heard many stories from volunteers of how they witnessed God working on a child’s heart. One day they learned about how Jesus took everything they’ve ever done or will do wrong on the cross and that He gave himself for them. In the Bible Adventures Station on this day, the campers wrote their names on a cross to symbolize this. One camper that’s been attending our Day Camp for a few years wrote I  ♥  Jesus under their name. The volunteer that was telling me about this story said that this camper has never shown much interest in the spiritual side of Day Camp, and that it was such a sweet moment to witness God working on their heart. It’s these kinds of moments that we pray and are thankful for; to see the campers experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

Whether you volunteered the week of Day Camp or served by donating needed items, this week wouldn’t have been possible without you!!! Thank you so much for giving these kids an opportunity to relish in the love of Christ through your service.

Check out this highlight video of the week. I think you’ll agree that we had lots of fun! I pray many of you are able to be a part of Day Camp next year!

Grace and Peace,

Melissa Reddin

Day Camp 2014 Weird Animals Highlight from Arlington Countryside Church on Vimeo.

Honduras [or Bust]

Honduras14 Logo Our Honduras Mission Team leaves in 2 weeks from tomorrow!  I am so excited to be going back to this beautiful country where shade-grown coffee is in abundance (and available 24/7 at the mission house where we stay!), and where the believers there have such incredible joy on their faces.

I’d like to introduce you to this year’s all-star team:

  • Lauren Bimber
  • Josh Hagen
  • Mark Hagen
  • Jordan Kerr
  • Kevin Kerr
  • Marianne Kerr
  • Martha Ray
  • Mike Ray
  • Scott Williams

Here are a few ways you can support our team:

1. Prayer – please be praying for us as we prepare for this trip.  Pray for physical and spiritual strength, as we will be working hard at the brigade sites each day we are there and sharing the gospel with every person who comes through the medical clinic.  Pray for receptive hearts to the gospel, and for genuine life-change in those who cross the line of faith in Christ!

2. Donate supplies – for the past several weeks we have been collecting medical supplies, but we still have a long way to go.  You can pick up a complete list of needed supplies at the Welcome Center.  Here is a short list of what we have the biggest need for:

  • Adult multivitamins
  • Loratadine (Claritin) 10mg
  • Natural tear eye drops
  • Lice killing shampoo
  • Children’s chewable (not gummy) vitamins

3. Buy coffee!  World Gospel Outreach, the organization we partner with that is on the ground in Honduras, grows coffee at their ranch up in the mountains.  This is no ordinary coffee – it is organic, high-altitude, and shade-grown.  Best of all, when you buy this coffee, the proceeds provide at-risk Honduran children the opportunity to be raised in a Christian home with mentor house parents.  You can purchase the coffee and find out more here.  Buy a pound.  Or ten.



Reflections On Summer Reading

Joseph and the Gospel of Many ColorsSummer is a great season for reading.  I recently read Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors: Reading an Old Story in a New Way by Voddie Baucham, Jr. The story of Joseph from Genesis 37-50 is one of my favorite biblical accounts, so I was excited to read this new book.  I discovered rich lessons from a story I had considered familiar.

Here are my top takeaways:

1. Unity of the Bible- The gospel is woven throughout the entire Bible- both the Old and New Testaments.  Joseph’s narrative is not a mere character study, but his life is one link in God’s story of redemption.  I was reminded to view the Bible as a cohesive unit and connect Old and New Testament passages.

2. Election- God chooses people based on his grace alone.  Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Judah demonstrate that God defies “natural order” in calling his people.  Birth order was not the deciding factor in the covenant blessing.  This is relevant in my life because nothing I have done has earned me the right to be a daughter of God.

3. Credit to God- God alone can be credited with keeping Joseph from becoming filled with bitterness and hatred.  I am reminded that any fruit or Spirit-produced behavior I demonstrate is because of God alone.

4. Eternal Perspective- As the author phrased it, “No matter how good things get in this world, it’s all Egypt” (p. 84).  Christians are to live with minds and hearts on eternity, knowing that the world’s “riches” are temporary.

5. God’s Providence- Everything we experience is purposeful.  God is actively involved in the affairs of his people whether they are in a pit, prison, leadership position, or famine.  This is a difficult principle to cling to in the midst of trials, but Joseph’s story illustrates this important attribute of God.

6. Forgiveness- Joseph chose not to be defined by the difficulties of his past.  From a human perspective, Joseph had reasons to seek revenge on his brothers and succumb to bitterness.  I like this perspective: “Forgiveness does not mean one forgets the offense, but in spite of that memory, one erases the debt” (p. 155).

7. No Retirement- Sometimes we think that Christianity gets easier over time.  The journey of Jacob, Joseph’s father, illustrates that we never get to an age where we no longer have to trust God.

I would love to discuss Joseph and the Gospel of Many Colors with you if you read it.  At 158 pages, it is not intimidating.  I plan to read Genesis 37-50 with fresh eyes as my next summer reading endeavor!

Guest Blogger: Allison Bies