Day Camp!

Weird-Animals-BannerThe campers and volunteers at last week’s Weird Animals Day Camp had a blast! It was a week filled with solid biblical teaching and many fun activities. Throughout the week the campers learned that when they are left out, different, afraid, or even when they don’t understand or do wrong, Jesus loves them. They heard stories about real kids who have applied these principles to their lives and how God helped them. They also got to go on some fantastic field trips each day!

I heard many stories from volunteers of how they witnessed God working on a child’s heart. One day they learned about how Jesus took everything they’ve ever done or will do wrong on the cross and that He gave himself for them. In the Bible Adventures Station on this day, the campers wrote their names on a cross to symbolize this. One camper that’s been attending our Day Camp for a few years wrote I  ♥  Jesus under their name. The volunteer that was telling me about this story said that this camper has never shown much interest in the spiritual side of Day Camp, and that it was such a sweet moment to witness God working on their heart. It’s these kinds of moments that we pray and are thankful for; to see the campers experience the life-changing power of Jesus Christ.

Whether you volunteered the week of Day Camp or served by donating needed items, this week wouldn’t have been possible without you!!! Thank you so much for giving these kids an opportunity to relish in the love of Christ through your service.

Check out this highlight video of the week. I think you’ll agree that we had lots of fun! I pray many of you are able to be a part of Day Camp next year!

Grace and Peace,

Melissa Reddin

Day Camp 2014 Weird Animals Highlight from Arlington Countryside Church on Vimeo.