HS Mission Trip Recap


We recently took a group of our high school students on a week-long mission trip to South Dakota. We were gone from July 5-13. It was an awesome experience! We had the opportunity to serve on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation, specifically in the town of Eagle Butte. During the week we learned about the culture of the Lakota (Sioux) people and the many challenges that face them on the reservation. It was our privilege to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a place where there is such great physical and spiritual need.

Our work in the community consisted of caring for children, serving in a soup kitchen, and working in a community garden. Each day, we helped facilitate an afternoon program for children much like our Day Camp program here at ACC. The program gives children a safe and fun place to spend their time. They’re cared for in a Christ-centered environment and taught Bible stories. 2 days during the week, we served in a local soup kitchen (pictured below).IMG_1476We prepared, served, and cleaned up the meal. We had the wonderful opportunity to converse with the community members who attended. They were eager to share their stories with us and were so grateful for our service. Before serving, we were reminded that we’re blessing these people with a meal, but we’re also there to bless them with the love of Christ as we engage them in conversation…so many of them have been cast away and forgotten by society. Our final area of service was in a community garden that helps to feed the elderly (pictured below).IMG_1426This garden is a new endeavor, made possible by groups like ours serving this summer. They currently have a small section planted, but there is a lot of work to be done to prepare the soil for the garden. We spent 2 days pulling weeds (some as big as our students!) and tilling the soil. It was exhausting work.

I’m so proud of our students! They worked hard, sought after God, and represented our church well. Please join us in praying for ongoing ministry happening in Eagle Butte.