Woods & Karen


(Tim, Beth, Karen)

Theologians. Linguists. Mediators. Translators. Counselors. Teachers. Administrators. Spouses. Parents.


Generous. Hard-working. Frugal. Caring. Passionate. Humble. Insightful. Intelligent. Selfless. Respected.


After just returning with my wife Karen after spending 10 days in Mozambique with our missionaries Tim and Beth Wood – to say that I’ve gained a whole new appreciation for them and their ministry would be a gross understatement. Yes, they are human – imperfect just as you and I, but boy are they good at what they do. God is using them in some really cool ways to advance the gospel in the city of Beira and the surrounding region.


ACC sent out the Woods 19 years ago to do the work of God in Mozambique. Every last dollar and prayer of ours has been a worthy investment! Please take a minute right now to pray for the Wood family and their ministry.