This coming Sunday, August 17 we begin a new Sunday morning teaching series: BECOMING.


God makes clear regarding the type of person he wants us to become as his followers. In this five-week series we will focus in on 5 things God wants us to be:



  • God is looking for people who don’t just worship him for an hour on Sunday mornings. What he desires are people who live out worship as a lifestyle. It makes sense. Jesus clearly stated that the most important commandment is that we love God with our entire being. That sounds like a lifestyle of worship to me! What does that look like? How do we develop a passionate love for God?



  • Never lose sight of the fact that he is the creator – we are the creation. He is the master – we are the servant. What role does obedience play in our relationship with him? James said that we are to be doers of the word – not merely hearers. How can we learn to always be obedient and gladly exchange our will for his will?



  • My observation in life is that the more concentrically focused a person is – the more miserable they are! A real key to experiencing life to the fullest is to put others first. Interesting to note that Jesus clearly stated the 2nd most important commandment is to love others in the way that we want to be loved. Can God give us a greater heart for others? How?



  • Jesus used to the metaphors of salt and light to describe the influence he wants us to be in our world. What exactly does that mean? The idea of us being effective witnesses was so important to him that he saved his last words to remind us of this truth (Acts 1:8). In our ever increasingly secular society what does it look like for us to be representatives of Jesus?



  • Once you join God’s team – there’s no such thing as a benchwarmer; everybody is a player, everybody is in the game! God’s team is the church and if you are a follower of his then becoming an active player is not optional. Your relationship to the church will largely define you as a follower of his. Are you in the game or are you just warming the bench?


What kind of person are you BECOMING? The choice is yours.


Join us on Sundays in the coming weeks – or at least catch the podcasts!