“The art of leadership is not saying yes, it is saying no.” – Tony Blair, former British Prime Minister

Saying-No - Copy

This quote comes from a great book I am reading, REPLENISH by Lance Witt. I so resonate with this thought. Saying “yes” is easy. It pleases people when we do this. It makes us feel important and needed. Our own lack of boundaries and insecurities causes us to over commit ourselves into exhaustion and ineffectiveness.


Saying “no” requires us to break our addiction to people pleasing. It demands that we determine our priorities and values and then make sure we are saying “yes” to these things. It allows us to be more focused, less harried and in tune with who God is created us to be.


I fear that within the church many of us have equated busyness with spirituality; frenetic activity with commitment; considering constant fatigue as proof that we aren’t lazy. All of these thoughts are lies. Let’s not deceive ourselves any longer.

Let’s learn to say “no”. It’s what leaders do.