What if prayer was our first impulse rather than used as a last resort?


This was our challenge from the first chapter of Nehemiah this past Sunday. When Nehemiah heard the emotionally devastating news that the walls of Jerusalem were still in ruin – his first response was to pray. He would, in time, develop a plan. There were other action steps to follow. A team would be built. Resources would be gathered. But first – he prayed.


It was through prayer that Nehemiah determined that he was the man called to the monumental task of rebuilding the walls. It was through prayer that he demonstrated his dependence upon God, not his own skills or determination. It was through prayer that he tapped into the greatest resource of all – an all-powerful, all-knowing, all providing God.


What need or crisis are you facing today? Let me encourage you to pause for a few moments, even now, and pray. Put first things first. Let prayer be your first impulse.




P.S. If I can pray specifically for you now – let me know!