Stewardship Defined

Our new capital campaign has me thinking a lot about stewardship. It’s not a word we use often, but it’s a principle that permeates so much of the Christian life. Here’s a quick definition…


Proper stewardship recognizes that God owns everything (Psalm 24:1) and I’m just managing the things He’s entrusted to me. We often think of this in terms of finances/possessions, but it’s about more than that. I find it helpful to think of stewardship in 3 categories:

  1. Time. We’ve each been entrusted with a certain amount of time here on earth. The question to ask is “how am I using my time to honor God?”
  2. Talents. You might call them gifts, abilities, etc. God has wired us uniquely. It’s up to each of us to seek out how we’re wired and how we can contribute to the work God is doing here on earth.
  3. Treasure. Finances (and possessions). Whether we have a lot or a little, the idea is to honor God with our money. This certainly means giving, but it can also mean careful spending, avoiding waste and excess, etc.

This kind of thinking is counter-cultural. It places God on the throne of my life as I seek to honor him with all that I am and do. I pray you’ll take time to consider how you are doing at managing the things God has entrusted to your care.



P.S. You can find out more about our Committed Together capital campaign here.