We may have had to move our Trunk or Treat event inside and change some things up a bit but that didn’t stop it from being a huge success! There were about 200 people that came through. About 75% were from the surrounding communities and do not attend ACC. Isn’t that awesome?!? What a joy it was to watch families create lasting memories. Many kids roasted their first marshmallow and ate their first s’more in our gym. There were many giggles and smiling faces!

I want to thank everyone that was a part of this event. Not only were the tables you decorated awesome, but you were a great example of Christ’s love to all that attended. Sometimes we are called to evangelize by boldly proclaiming the gospel. Other times, though, we are called to simply love and that is exactly what you did. My prayer for those who attended is that they saw the love you showed through your hospitality as a mirror of Christ’s love for them.  This event was a team effort and YOU WERE AWESOME! So, consider this my high five to you to keep up the good work God has called us all to. Church, you really nailed this one!

Enjoy these pictures taken by Lacy Smith to get a glimpse of the evening!

Grace and Peace,