This coming Sunday we will be singing a new song called “Because He Lives (Amen)”.  Some songs take a few listens to grow on me; this is one of those songs that I loved right off the bat when I first heard it!

It’s important to be infusing new songs into our church services on a regular basis – I am amazed at how often scripture specifically mentions and encourages us to sing new songs.  Just a few examples are Psalm 33:1-3, Psalm 40:3, Psalm 96:1-2, Isaiah 42:10, and Revelation 5:9.

Watch this video to listen to and learn the song:

Here’s three reasons why I love this song:

1) The words revolve around the power of Christ’s resurrection, and speak to how that power influences every corner of our lives as Christians.  Romans 6:4 says that just as Christ was raised from the dead, so also we are raised from death to life.

2) Musically, this song soars, is easy to sing, and has a great piano part.

3) The bridge lyrics are taken from a hymn titled “Because He Lives” by Bill Gaither.  I love when new songs are wedded with older hymns and give a fresh sound to lyrics that the church has been singing for many years!

I hope you will come ready to sing it this Sunday!