Last night, I started our Christmas teaching series at Pit Stop (middle school youth group). During the lesson, we talked about some of the best and worst gifts we ever received. That’s a fun question to ask a group. We had some wild answers! Some of the worst gifts that were mentioned: coal (someone actually got a lump of coal!), a video game for a system they didn’t own, clothes that were obviously meant for someone else. We’ve all received a gift that didn’t quite work for us. There usually a need to do some exchanging after Christmas. The challenge I gave our middle schoolers, and I would extend to you as well, is to NOT be an exchanger this Christmas when it comes to what really matters. Don’t exchange the real meaning of Christmas for all the stuff that comes with the holiday. Don’t let the gifts, traditions, ect, crowd out Jesus. The shepherds remind us of the appropriate response to Jesus (Luke 2:15-20). They go to Him and praise God for Him!

Below is one of my favorite Christmas songs. I hope it helps you focus your heart and mind on Christ.