This Sunday, January 11 at ACC we begin a new teaching series in the book of 1 Peter – GRACE UNDER PRESSURE. It is a powerful little book that encourages us to remain faithful to Christ, even during difficult times.

I like that it was written by Peter. It seems to me that he was just a regular dude. A fisherman by trade. He was accustomed to a lot of hard work and being outside in all kinds of weather. Probably very little formal education. He had an endearing tendency to regularly put his foot in his mouth.

He is known in the New Testament for some of his “failures”: He tried walking on water and almost drowned – Jesus had to save him! When the angry mob came to arrest Jesus, Peter chopped off a guy’s ear with his sword! While Jesus stood on trial Peter tried to get glimpses of what was going on – and embarrassingly denied even knowing Christ 3 times!

But consider this:

  • Peter was the only one with enough faith to even try getting out of the boat.
  • Peter was fiercely loyal to Christ and was a man of action – even if it meant someone would have to lose an ear!
  • Peter may have denied Christ but he was the only disciple to have followed Christ that far – all the rest had abandoned him earlier.

I can relate to Peter. No one would ever mistake him for a scholar. Or a holy man. Or perfect. Just a dude.

But Christ turned his life upside down and he would never be the same. Eventually he would be martyred at the hands of Nero. But before he went down, he wrote an awesome letter to the believers in Asia Minor – encouraging them to hang tough during tough times. That’s what 1 Peter is all about.

I invite you to join us in the coming weeks as we dive into this book together.