Got Questions?

We had a great response to Pastors on the Hot Seat this past Sunday (you can hear both the 9am & 10:30am services¬†here). We had lots of great questions txt in. We covered quite a few, but obviously there are plenty that we couldn’t get to.

I want to encourage you to continue to seek out Biblical answers to your questions. If we ask questions in the right spirit (desiring to learn rather than to be contrary or rebellious), they can be a great catalyst for our spiritual growth.

A great resource for you to consider is You can search by key word or by topic and find several short articles related to your question. I’ve found the articles to be well-written and scripturally sound. That being said, I’d recommend using this as a starting point for your study. Read the article, look up the scriptures on your own, form your own thoughts, and engage with others on the topic.