Yesterday, February 1 was a snowy and cold Sunday. As a result, our attendance was about cut in half but those who were able to attend were encouraged and blessed by the teaching of Chris Modrzejewski as he preached from 1 Peter 2:4-12.

Here is what I walked away with:

  • The center of God’s activity in the world used to be the temple in Jerusalem – now it’s me! (And you and anybody else who is place their trust in Jesus.)


  • Jesus is the one and only cornerstone, not a cornerstone among many cornerstones. (Acts 4:12)


  • My basic problem is not that my desire for sin is too strong but that my desire for God is too weak.


  • If you want to avoid an obstacle in the road – you have to look away from it; if you continue staring at it, you will run right over it. The lesson: I can’t focus on the sin in my life in order to get rid of it – I need to place my focus on God.


  • Knowledge of God’s word and growing in my understanding of God will help to increase my desire for God.


  • Chris and his team are taking our high school students on their winter retreat this coming weekend – we should be praying for them.


  • Jesus was rejected by men, but honored by God. We should expect no different for ourselves.


  • Don’t underestimate sin – it wants to destroy me!


  • My exhibiting grace under pressure could inspire others to cross the line of faith.


  • Christ wins and we are on his team!


Have you listened to the podcast yet? If not, do it!