Tune in not out

Do you ever tune things out that you’ve become familiar with? Maybe road signs and billboards on your route to work…TV commercials you’ve seen countless times before…the instructions given before a flight. When things become commonplace it’s easy for us to tune them out and move on to the next thing. I think we’re in danger of doing that same thing in our faith journey. Today we remember the cross. We remember the crucifixion of our Lord and Savior. A story that most of us are very familiar with. A story that we recognize as important. It may take discipline to focus in when our mind is telling us to tune out, but it’s worth it. Here are a few reasons why…

1 – There’s power in the church gathering in worship. Hebrews 10:24-25 tells us to continue to meet together in order to encourage one another (or “spur one another on” as the NIV states). Being with God’s people has a way of lifting our spirits, enhancing our worship, and strengthening our faith. 

2 – Without Good Friday, there’s no Easter Sunday. To truly celebrate the resurrection, we need to remember how Christ got there. Without the cross, there’s no forgiveness of sins, there’s no promise of our own resurrection with Christ. Easter is the more fun part of the story, but it’s only part of the story.

3 – The cross is central to the Gospel. Romans 3:24-25 tells us that we’ve been freed from the penalty of sin through Christ’s sacrifice. We are to remember Christ’s death throughout the year - Communion is one way that we do that (I Corinthians 11:23-26). Today we remember His death in a special way.

4 – It keeps us humble and dependent. The message of the cross is offensive to our pride and self-sufficiency. Romans 8:3 tell us that God did for us (through Christ) what we couldn’t do for ourselves. The cross reminds me that I’m not as good as I like to think I am. That I NEED a savior.

I hope you’ll take time to focus in on the cross today. We’d love to have you join us for our Good Friday service tonight at 7pm. I’ll leave you with these song lyrics that I hope become your prayer for the day.

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me, lead me to the cross