Dream Big

I was at a conference recently where one of the speakers shared a thought that really stuck with me. In regard to our spiritual life and how God wants to use us in the world, he said that as we get older, we tend to dream less. We tend to set the bar lower, depend more upon our own abilities and experience, and take fewer risks. He went on to say that this shouldn’t be the case. Our God is powerful! Nothing is too great for Him. We need to remember His faithfulness (Psalm 119:90, I Thessalonians 5:24). In fact, remembering His faithfulness should lead us to dream more…His track record demonstrates what He’s capable of and should inspire us step out in faith and trust Him.

As I reflect on these ideas, I’m convicted. I think of all the times where I stressed out over details that I should have trusted God with. I think of the times when my prayers were small, because my faith was small.¬†While I believe we should be careful and discerning, I also believe we should have bold faith. I’m challenged to step out in faith and pray big for our church, for our youth and children’s ministries, and for my family.