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Christianity Explored is a fascinating, highly interactive seven-week course that examines the life of Christ from the gospel of Mark. Whatever end of the spiritual spectrum you might be on  – from a skeptical agnostic to a highly devoted follower of Christ – the material is very thought-provoking and generates some fantastic discussions.

Each week begins by sharing an excellent meal together. (Thank you Carol Rech!) Each week you sit at the same table with the same people and the same leader. As you wrap up your meal you begin a discussion by reading certain passages in Mark. You then transition to some excellent teaching on DVD by Rico Tiece, the developer of the course. Then after the teaching you interact with what you just heard. Wow – we had some great conversations! It makes for an awesome evening.

In this inaugural run of Christianity Explored at ACC we had 44 participants. Here is what a few of them had to say:


“I really enjoyed the group discussions and the opportunity to get to know people better.”

“I learned a lot. I so enjoyed the people at my table. I love the program.”

“Such a good course. Great way to look at Mark, and to look at what Jesus said about himself.”

“I enjoyed the course. The content, dinners, and the way in which the course was designed was great. Feel this would be something you could invite a non-churched person to attend.”

“The course was absolutely fantastic. My goal was to understand Christianity more and I feel very confident that I understand what being a Christian means.”

“Great atmosphere for a new Christian like myself to read a gospel guided and be able to ask questions. It was a good way for me to start reading Scripture more thoughtfully and thoroughly.”

Plan this fall to experience Christianity Explored at ACC. You won’t regret it!